The Event

· Your event begins with food, refreshments and a meet & greet with a performance by our Nashville hit songwriters. 

· The group then breaks into teams to write a song or company jingle guided by our hit songwriters. 

· Next, the teams re-assemble in the recording studio to perform and record their new songs and compete for the title of "Best Song."

· Group photos are taken of each team in the studio before the recording begins. 

· The evening is topped off with a performance by the songwriters performing their hits in the intimate setting of the studio.

· Laughter and humor is the common thread to these events and we find that everyone leaves with a better understanding of their comrades, associates and their company values.


Bring Nashville to Your City!

We have a traveling version of this event. 

Let us bring Nashville to your city! 

Contact us for more details. 


"Too Much Fun" with Ultimate Event Nashville