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Bring Nashville To Your City

NEW! Virtual Team Building

 Your event begins with food, refreshments and a meet & greet with a performance by our Nashville hit songwriters. 

· The group then breaks into teams to write a song or company jingle guided by our hit songwriters. 

· Next, the teams re-assemble in the recording studio to perform and record their new songs and compete for the title of "Best Song."

· Group photos are taken of each team in the studio before the recording begins. 

· The evening is topped off with a performance by the songwriters performing their hits in the intimate setting of the studio.

· Laughter and humor is the common thread to these events and we find that everyone leaves with a better understanding of their comrades, associates and their company values.


NEW! Virtual Team Building

Bring Nashville To Your City

NEW! Virtual Team Building

During this time of staying at home and being isolated it has never been more important to find fun and creative ways to bring your team together. 

Ultimate Event Nashville is now offering Virtual Team Building a unique team building experience for your colleagues completely online!

Have your team gather from wherever they are and join us “Live From the Parlor” in Nashville via a zoom meeting. 

Our Hit Songwriters will be on hand at Parlor Productions Studio to guide your team through the process of writing a hilarious song about the company and their common experiences. 

When the song is done, we will record it “Live From the Parlor” and will deliver an mp3 of the finished song within 24hrs. 


Bring Nashville To Your City

Bring Nashville To Your City

Bring Nashville To Your City

We have a traveling version of this event. 

Let us bring Nashville to your city! 

Contact us for more details. 

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